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The Mariners' House STLs (28mm terrain)


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This is my latest project which is currently running on Kickstarter.



I am new to Reapermini so here is a little background:

I teach 3D Design and I love modelling all things in 3D but mostly buildings, structures and machines. I also am a fan of 3D Printing and have a decent amount of experience designing for 3D Prints. I was introduced to tabletop gaming by a student in late 2021 and I have been making models ever since.  This is my first house design.  It is an original design, all the textures are original and created by me.  It includes two playable floors and is fully detailed inside and out.  It connects to a previous project where I designed a historically accurate ship for 28mm scale as well.  There are also some customizable features which I always try to include. I recently added some bonus features including boarded up windows (for a zombie attack) and a skiff and workhorses in keeping with the Mariners theme.  It will also include a working front door; I am finalizing those parts and test printing currently. 


I look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions as it helps me improve my designs further!  If you read this far thanks for checking out my project!









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More work on this project.  I included Stretch Goal #5, a functional front door, because I wanted to design / built it anyway.  I tried a prototype with a small section of the front which went very well and today I tested the full model which worked perfectly. 

I also used an Arduino (only as a power supply) to add a blue LED inside the house.  Thanks for checking it out!







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I recently added a bonus feature - stone and wrought iron gate to this project.  You can download the file free on my Cults3D page 🙂



I am also working on an idea for another bonus feature; adding some modular fence pieces to allow extending this feature into a customizable fenced yard.







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