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Limbo Division 70mm Bunny No. 1 set


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Painting this set as a Christmas present for a Niece and running out of time to finish the final bunny, so I'm going to send her this, and send the rest after it's finished.  Don't know if I'll be able to get them to send good pictures of the whole ensemble, so I wanted to show off what I have gotten done.  Really fun figures to paint.  The cleanest resin castings I've worked on to date.  A tiny amount of filing on some of the plugs to get them to socket together properly, but otherwise no flash and no seam lines. Had a good time coming up with a "grass" camo pattern for this guy.  Anyway, hopefully she likes it and some of y'all will find it amusing.










Here's the card that came with the set, showing the original art of the whole ensemble:


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10 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

A hoppin' good time!  and I love your nuts!


They came out really well.  thanks for sharing





Never before in my life have I received so many compliments on my nuts!  😛


If you're curious how I did them, I wrote out the process in the WIP post of the same name.  ::D:

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Yeah...I had to really look it over to see if the nuts were real or not. That's amazing work. I also like the highlighting on the chocolate bar armor (not sure how well it would hold up in warmer climates, though 🙂)


Cool fur and grass camo, too. Definitely a unique and well-painted mini.

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