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Gnome Guard: Holiday edition


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The 2nd one (with the shorter stature and darker hat) - he seems kind of overly-judgemental to me. I can just imagine him condescendingly saying things like "that's not what I'd do, but if it's what you think is best..."


But enough of me reading into gnome personalities. These look great. The work on the beard hair really came out nicely, as well as the highlighting on the noses and hats. Great-looking bunch.


And with that, I *think* I'm all caught up on the minis I hadn't had a chance to give feedback on in late-November/early-December. Better late than never 🙂


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@Grand Slam, yeah totally agree that Claudius (2nd gnome) is a total bummer. Always quick to jump into other gnomes business and never realizes he's just projecting his own insecurities. 


Why can't he be chill and productive like Tyrone (3rd) or Darius (4th)?  I mean, those dudes not only are out handling garden duties, you know as all gnomes are supposed to,  but they also play lawn darts after.  Sure, there was that lawn dart "incident" a few years back, but why was there a wedding cake out there like that anyway?  Can you honestly blame the throwers?  Everyone there knows it was really the party planning gnomes fault Beardo (1st).  Great at nesting with animals... terrible with wedding cake placement. 


Thanks for the feedback!  Glad they were fun to review. I can't tell if I enjoyed painting them or spitballing a story from your comments.  



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