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Any single player miniature games?


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If you can find it, Mantic's Here's Negan is great fun to play solo. It's out of print since their Walking Dead licence expired, but you should be able to find a used copy fairly cheaply. I am a big fan of Rangers of Shadow Deep and Frostgrave. One Hour Wargames has a large section on adapting traditional wargaming scenarios single player games. Tribal 2.0 by Mana Press has single player rules, but my copy is still in the post. I have been checking out some of the Amazon solo wargaming books, but the reviews have turned me off buying any.  


Seriously, go buy One Hour Wargames! It's an excellent book. 

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I guess what I am really seeking, is something with a dungeon focused with a campaign,  where you are able to progress through the world and your equipment, items and skills, etc carry over form adventure to adventure, but I don't want to control  a war band or a group, just a single hero.  Rangers of shadow deep and frostgrave really are war band/team of characters based.


I am currently writing my own ruleset for just this, since it doesn't seem to exist, and over all the rules are pretty much done, it writing up all the scenarios that's time consuming.  The part that kinda sucks, is that since I am writing it myself.. I will know the entire story, so pretty much the who thing will be spoiled for me, before I ever play through it....  


I have Looked at a lot of games... but none of them really did it.


Descent Legends of the Dark

The Lord of the Rings Journeys in Middle-earth

Sword & Sorcery: Ancient Chronicles



Four Against Darkness

Legacy of Dragonholt

Folklore: The Affliction


Dungeon Alliance


Aeons End

Mage Knight



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You might look at Night Watch by the guy who did Zona Alfa. I only remembered it recently but it might be the easiest for you to modify for a solo game, as it only requires four heroes total. I haven't looked at the book in a while but it might even have stuff in there for just one hero.

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