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Sadly, NHL hockey loses in 2 hours :down::down::down::down::down:


Congrats all you C eh N eh D eh - ians!


Was Gretsky bouncing around in the skybox as much as he was when you guys won the semis?


Hmmm I think the next big hockey tournament for me will be the Beanpot (local Boston tourney for BC, BU, Northeastern and Harvard).

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Aha! I knew you weren't Canadian!


It's Gretzky :lol:

Dammit I knew that too. What a horrible brain fart. I wish I could even just claim that as a typo. But honestly, just vapor locked in the old noggin.


I'm not Canadian. I'm from Boston, and I'm a Bruins fan. I think I am required to hate Canadians on prinicple. Well, at least the ones from Montreal.


Although I have to say, the fans from Canada I met last year during the playoffs, were really nice folks. I had about a dozen of them sitting in the section with me. Granted, they also won game 7 :down: so maybe that was why they were nicer.

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Yeah I know. My wife surprised me with loge tickets when they went on sale. She's not even a huge hockey fan. My section had a dozen Habs fans in it, my wife, and I. They were a great bunch though I must admit.


Hell, you guys earned the right to advance. We had you on the ropes and we couldn't deliver the KO. :down:


That was probably my last pro hockey game in a LONG while sadly. Haven't read the confirmation yet, but I am presuming there is officially a lock out in effect for the NHL.


Fortunately, I have tix, on the glass, for the Denis Leary Charity event for the Worcester Fire Fighters. Looking forward to it. All money goes to good charity, and there will be some decent hockey, and shenanigans.

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