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Bones 5 Pegasus


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I like the idea behind this and I think that, overall, the execution is pretty good. What I have an issue with is the white on the wing feathers. I'm assuming it's there for highlight purposes (please correct me if I'm misinterpreting). Highlighting the feathers to bring out the texture is certainly advised, but I feel like going right to white across all of those colors may not be the way to go (just too extreme too quick). As an alternative, I might have tried highlighting each section of feathers with a corresponding lighter color (light yellow highlighting the yellow feathers, light orange highlighting the orange feathers, and so forth). It would take more time, but I think it would look a little more natural that way. 


It's always a balancing act with minis. Pushing highlights to the extreme looks great when you're able to work up to it gradually through the color spectrum. But on areas as tiny as these feathers, you usually don't have enough space to work up through the spectrum to something as extreme as white (it's frustrating!). As such, I think that highlighting with lighter colors may have yielded an interesting result.


Anyway...just something to consider the next time you run into a mini with feathers. I really do like the concept here. I should also point out that the white on the body is incredibly smooth.

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