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2022 Christmas Gifts


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There are a few others, but a family member managed to get a few glimpses of things from last year early...so the ones already handed out are up, there are some more that will pop up later.


Silent Night







The minis are a set I found in a bin of loose christmas village pieces at a store in the mall. The case is one I found in Dollar Tree (The dome is now glued in place). I built the stable from bamboo skewers and some cloth. Built up the base with two different sized wooden discs ontop of the base along with some filler and sand.


Old Snowy Church








The church is a repaint from Dollar Tree's christmas village...and the trees are from a pack that I'd had that were translucent white that I flocked with a snow flock (The rest of the pack were used for some tree stands that are in my terrain thread). There's a hole in the underside for battery access and switch.

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That's a great scratch-built stable for the gang...I love the base, too. Good job on the church, as well. A lot of those little buildings have pretty decent sculpts, and your paint job really brings it to life.


Now all you need is a little John McClane on a snowmobile and you're all set 🙂




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