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SPACEFUTURE! The Zap Bros, Space Mechanics (feat. Reaper's Alien Tracker)


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One thing about SPACE: it's a bad place to have a breakdown. Spaceships are expensive and complicated; they are your entire world and means of survival out in the black.


Lucky for you, the Zap Bros are here! Danny, Joe, and Grexlar founded an interplanetary franchise of mobile repair stations. 










Danny is an Earth-human businessman, formerly ran a shipyard parts supply store. First-rate at logistics.




Joe is an uplifted gorilla, a mechanical genius. If it can be taken apart and put back together, Joe is the ape for the job. If it can't, that just takes him a bit longer.



Grexlar is a Martian engineer and physicist, a master diagnostician.  Mass-drive, fusion, fission, gravitronics, hyperdrive manifold, warp modulator--no matter what should make the ship go, he can figure out why it won't.



After going into business in the Asteroid Belt and making a pile (credits, friends, and favors) the three started expanding the business into a chain. You could populate a small moon with the beings who owe their life to a Zap Bros Rescue & Tow. In fact, the O'Neill cylinder "Long Day's Journey Into Night" did just that. 



More angles of the three:








The Zap Bros have very high standards for whom they hire, but pay excellent wages and have no species restrictions. Robots welcome! 








Specifics: Danny is a mechanic from CP's Sci-fi Civilians line. Joe is Crooked Dice's Starport Fueler modified with Green Stuff. Grexlar is Reaper's Alien Tracker--I can't find the SKU for the metal guy but he's part of the Bones 49001, Alien Overlords set.

The desk is also Crooked Dice, and the big-screen monitor is from Bombshell's galley and rec area set. The simpler robot is also Bombshell, MaCbot. The repair specialist bot is a Warmachines Convergence fella bought secondhand.


The asteroid ship is a bunch of kitbashed junk, mostly Christmas ornaments and several GW greebles.

Stay safe out there, cadets!


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Thank you all; I'm honored you enjoy this bit!

4 hours ago, Iridil said:

This is fantabulous.... I want one!

Just a couple of Christmas ornaments, some air-clay, and greebles! You can do it--though in retrospect I advise making the hatch open sideways instead of vertically.

On 12/31/2022 at 9:17 AM, Grand Slam said:

I love how cohesive the three main characters (somehow) look together. And the asteroid, itself, is super-cool. It's a great idea and the hollowed-out bits with domes add a ton of visual interest. 

Great sign, too. I'm getting a "Space Pep Boys" feel.

Thank you! It is 100% Space Pep Boys--I tweaked the logo and changed the font a bit, but I'm glad the resemblance comes through!

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