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DDRPG Playtest Opportunities in 2023...


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Happy New Year!

New year, new opportunities!!

In previous years ReaperCon attendees have participated in playtests of DDRPG and it's time to open things up.

Anybody interested in playtesting with yours truly over Discord and Roll20?

The plan is still coming together but I'd like to run one 2-3 hour session a month to test both game system and setting. I'd need 3-6 willing players, no experience necessary but you will need a reliable network connection and a webcam/mic. The mic is more important. We'll use Discord for communication and Roll20 if we need a virtual tabletop. I generally set things up at my own gametable and push around the minis per the players dictates.

Timing of sessions will be in the evening most likely on weekends but another night such as Thursday might work depending upon timezones. I live in Michigan.

We'd devote a session to character creation and immediately transition into a very brief session zero and adventure intro. We have reams of content beggin' for playtest. If all works out there might even be opportunities to stream the sessions, provided you're comfortable with that.

Most adventures will take 1-2 sessions to complete. I won't be focusing on campaign play at this time but there will be opportunities for more sessions and carrying PCs over from one arc to another. More on this as it develops.

That's the pitch, whatcha think?


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On 1/3/2023 at 7:14 PM, ShadowRaven said:

I'm likely to be available

Splendid, thank you.

Hopefully we can lure in a few more takers and get our playtests off the ground.


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