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Hair raising good time: hair volume


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I can't remember who gave me the tip, and I've exhausted myself looking. A while back i was complaining about my inability with painting hair and how i struggled to make it look like there was volume to it.  The person giving feedback mentioned how to build up where there was light or curve in the hair and have a few examples.  It took me a good while to understand how they did it, but i have come a long way and owed them a thank you.  Practice on different models had really helped a lot. 


I try to push the contrast up on the hair, since it's usually a focal point.  As I'm doing that, keeping in mind where the folds or curls or light catches it.  It's a fun challenge, but I've become much better at it thanks to whoever it was who told me.  Here's to you, whoever you are Hair Master Jedi. 


- your apprentice



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5 minutes ago, R2ED said:

Here's to you, whoever you are Hair Master Jedi.

Sounds like it was probably a Wookie...most likely a Wookie with luxurious hair.


Yeah...this looks really sharp. The idea of bouncing around to different highlight points (especially on longer hair) really works to create life in the model. 


Incidentally, this guy's face is looking great!

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@grand slam, if this were a human or elf model i may have been alarmed.  However orcs and dwarves have some pretty tough looking females.  This one would take that as a badge of honor.  Her name is probably Grul-nak Mansquisher or Bulgor the Snusnu Maker.  Either way, she's a biggin' and not taking $4it from anyone. 


The first model i asked for help on was some kind of elf or human figure. It was pretty sad looking from what i recall, but i kept trying.  


Looking straight down on the model or from whatever the zenith (see what i did there)  angle the source is coming from.  Then see what areas stand out.  Easier said than done but over time it started making more sense.  


Results I'm getting are better and allows me to enjoy that aspect rather than dreading it.   I like having parts to enjoy getting to rather than fearing.  Areas i still have doubts on: 

Faces (shading)



Leather baubles



Guess i just listed off things to improve upon for 2023.


Thank you for the feedback and laughs, GS.


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