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Painting in 2022 :

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7 hours ago, kazmania7 said:

myself, luv the "next" mini, what a cool idea for a mini diorama and you did it justice, kudos.

thanks !  it went to reapercon as well, but in the painters category  so all the elaborate basing was mostly ignored by judges.  still I didn't want it competing directly with my elves so...


I'm loving your dark take on the undead giant, too (especially that red eye).


I didn't really like the figure - so I thought I would just go for a quick monochrome - "as seen in moonlight" look.  the eye was added for balance.  I liked how it turned out as well. 


My impressionist freehand doesn't translate perfectly to other freehand painting, but after 10 figures and a few canvass I really like the way it looks.
I don't know what I am going to do next year ... 2 years ago it was the old dutch masters painting styles.  Titian through Rembrandt and Rubens. 

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The undead giant looks straight out of a Bakshi fever-dream, and I love the coloration on the goroloth and chuuls! The color gradients on the wolf/dragon-looking fella in the top right of Pic 1 are also lovely. 

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What an outstanding collection!  You did so many of my favorite paintings over the last year.  Gathering them all is a really great idea, you've inspired me to try and gather my own year of efforts.  Hmmm... maybe this would be a reasonable RCL category?


Know that we spent quite a bit of time at RC'22 admiring your base, your vision and your execution on the Monet Elves (Monelves?), so thank you for bringing them!  I hadn't noticed the sculpted cloak before: her freehand is really excellent!


As I continue to hunt the white whale of distressed leather, I find myself doing much more stippling than ever.  As such, I frequently call on the spirit of Seurat to guide me, although I think I'm just as likely to be possessed by the spirit of Pollock...


Hey, there's an idea: how about a tribe of Pollock Dwarves to duke it out with your elves!


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the Gorloth and its servants were also for My D&D game.  the Chuuls were 3d printed.  I still have 2 unpainted.


@Count Urlik   I think the collection is a great category for RCL - I look forward to seeing yours. 

 I did 2 lizardmen in the style of Seurat - but that much stippling was just really annoying.  with Monet the size of the brushstroke maters less. 
 haven't tried Pollock at least on purpose,  I would have to tarp off my painting table. 

The sculpted cloak may have been done after Reapercon.  it was one of my more difficult conversions, as it was metal rather than plastic, and I had to carve the shield off her arm. 

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