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The Musketeer: Darkest Dungeon


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Here's the Musketeer from Darkest Dungeon.  I have more minis from them than I know I can paint, but this particular one was an extra that wasn't in the box and I felt bad for it.  I needed to paint it. 


Using the game's portrait of her for inspiration, here she is. 


I also learned that my colorblindness did not line up with this minis portrait until my daughter told me what was different.  I used a colorwheel to find the triad of green, purple, and yellow, which worked pretty good.  Funny that the colors she said the picture is green,red and brown. Oh well. 







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I really like the way you've taken that cell shaded look from the portrait and reproduced it accurately on the mini. Plus, you managed to do it in a way that makes her able to still fit in with other minis. Very subtle and impressive work. As usual, tight brush control as well. I really like this gal.

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