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Bones V: Trolls (Dungeon Dwellers and [Core Set])


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Ain't no party like a troll life party, 'cuz troll life regenerates!


The more I look at these guys, the more I see them as an adventuring party...Rogue, Warrior, Barbarian, and Warlock.














So much green.  So much skin.


The "rogue" (caught mid-backstab, just missing a victim in front of him) was one of the roughest.  I didn't quite get enough difference between the Jade Green and the mix to bring out the highlights.  He looks almost "cell shaded" because of that.  I'm not sure if those spots on the side of his mouth were supposed to be tusks or jowls, but I painted them as tusks.


The "warrior" probably could have used a bit of Grass Green mixed in with the Jade.  The transition is a little more stark than I would prefer.


I don't think there's much to say about the "barbarian" and "warlock."  I used Black Green as the base, and there may not have been quite enough difference between that and the Forest Green.  And, of course, I just noticed that I missed the barbarians belt decoration on his left side.  I'll have to hit that with some metallics the next time I'm working--a two-minute fix.


The Warlock's eyes are Fire Orange, Marigold Yellow, and Sun Yellow to give that "otherworldly"/"possessed" feel.


I think the bases all came out well.  I'm very grateful that Reaper has been experimenting with molded bases.  It really helps tie them all together.


Total time spent is about 12 hours done over four nights.  Pretty good considering that when I started, I was sure that I had forgotten how to paint.  I honestly had moments where I felt truly lost.


Thanks for stopping by!


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The Loathsome Troll set came from the Core, not Fan Favorites. I've got to stop simply trusting my memory.
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2 hours ago, KruleBear said:

Nice. You definitely didn’t forget how to paint. The brighter green of the rouge provides some nice variation to the party. 


Thank you.  It was just one of those things where I had my brush in hand, and after looking at the minis I was just drawing a blank.  I mean, obviously the next step is to put brush to miniature, but it just didn't seem right.  Weird.


I try to do a little bit of that when I've got groups with exposed skin.  I'll chose my triad, and then bump it up/down a step or two to bring interest.  It's one reason why I like Reaper's flesh tones so much--they make a nice continuum and have plenty of variety.


1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

I like the idea of a Troll Adventurers Party.

Well done!


Thank you.


After I realized that they looked like a party, I instantly came up with an idea for an encounter.


The PCs find a village of trolls that are obviously upset and going through some sort of exile/ostracization ritual.  If the PCs are polite, the trolls welcome them to the village and ask them to take part in the ceremony (one of the elders has lost his/her mind).  They then find out that the exiled troll will likely wander the countryside or find some deep cavern in which to live out the rest of his/her days.  If the PCs decide to stay the night, they'll have a "lively" encounter later that night when the trolls get hungry decide that the PCs look tasty, and the trolls will likely send a scout to follow the PCs if they leave and ambush them later.  They are trolls after all.  It's just that the ones in the village are more likely to be civil before they try to eat you.

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