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These prices are insane

Java Fiend

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Some GW is more expensive. Boxed sets, character models... but then I bought a blister with 3 or 4 figures in it for like $11 Canadian, so I really don't see a difference.


I agree the price of tin seems a bit heavy of an excuse for ALL the companies to raise their prices so much. If it was that big a deal, all the small time outfits would go out of business IMO. I think a bigger reason is an increase in popularity of the hobbies (gaming and painting) and thus the market responds....


I know sculpts and molds cost a lot, but casting isn't so bad. Not the amount of increases everyone is doing at any rate.

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You wanna talk expensive, try nascar modelling, pay around 10 - 16 for a kit & then around 9 - 12 for aftermarket sheets + your paints (thou those can be used for other models) + other misc stuff, get pretty expensive, espically when you have to order most of your sheets. I'll take buying minis over buy models & decals any day of the week. (one reason why I severly cut back on my nascar stuff)



1 Tamiya StuG.IIIG Fruehe - $35

1 Show Modelling StuG.IIIG Schuertzen set - $20

1 set ModelKasten Workable 40cm tracks - $27

1 Eduard detail set - $12


Total cost = $94 for ONE model


I also have an ongoing project (Aussie Centurion Mk5/1), using a Legends conversion kit (resin, $76 w/shipping) and a Minicraft Centurion ($25).


So yeah...those Reaper figures aren't so expensive...



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Yeah Damon! My Tamiya 1:35 Panther cost me $75 and it is still in the box. I still need to buy new military colors and maybe even an airbrush to do what I want with it, not to mention the decals as you say, and perhaps some extra troops as I always liked crowded armor :D


So without the airbrush I am still looking at over $100.... for one kit.

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GW is insane...SOOOOOO overpriced.


I just bought their Forgeworld Bloodthirster ($390 CDN after tax!!!).


Thankfully, I lucked out on my Lizardmen army...


Got the entire army box for $190 cdn after shipping on ebay. Got 2 stegadons for a total of $ 30 cdn. Carnosaur was a gift, terradons also a gift. And bought about 150 dollars in extra models, so spent less than $500 on my army and I got about 6.5 to 7k points worth of liz!


Reaper isn't as bad I find, cause I like their models more (for the most part -- not including Forgeworld of course, who IMHO, make the best detailed models on the planet!)...


I think eBay is the way to go...I've gotten most stuff on ebay (over 300 minuatures of all sizes)...





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Yep. And a decent airbrush setup can set you back another $100-200US. I have a Paasche VLS (the deluxe version of the VL) Double action, plus a Paasche 1/4hp compressor. In 1995 dollars I think that set me back around $250. But its something I'll likely use forever.


BTW, I HIGHLY reccommend getting one if you plan to do more than just casual armor building...



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GW prices seem kinda random. For example, you can get a blister of 3 scout marines for $12 (old price was $10).. but then, what's this? an HQ model is the same price? Surely the amount of metal present in the three scouts is more than the HQ. It seems like they price them based on how many people will need to buy of each.. they see that people only need one HQ (usually), so they price them higher to make up for it.


GW said that the rise of tin prices is the reason for the raise in their actual retail prices for figures... but they also raised plastic box sets by $5+, and the codexes and rulebooks by $5 or $10... how do tin prices effect paper and plastic costs? :blink:


Ah well...

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Some GW is more expensive. Boxed sets, character models... but then I bought a blister with 3 or 4 figures in it for like $11 Canadian, so I really don't see a difference.

woah, where are you getting your GW stuff? ... at the GW shop I go to, like everything I've seen with more than one mini in it has been $25 or up.

I've only ever bought stuff from them a couple of times, but that's mainly because I don't really like their sculpts.


Even with the price increase on Reaper minis, I still find them cheap for the quality you're getting.

On the single figs, it's only about $1 difference, so instead of buying 4 minis at $5 (canadian) a piece every month, I'm just getting 3 minis at $6 each.

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heh thats exactly what i said-why the price increase on plastics? a single bike now costs $15.00 american!!!


Heres the explanation from a guy at my flgs who who i also knew from a Games Workshop retail store (there is one in the same mall my restaurant is in, for any of you who have followed the recent "to tip, or not to tip" thread in off topic rampancy)


Games workshop currently has something like 56 stores accross the nation in the united states.

last fiscal year, 4 of them turned a profit- 2 in california,including my local ontario store, one i think in la, one i dont know, and the usa headquarters in glen byrnie back east.


54 lost money, to the tune of a few million dollars total. how are they dealing with this major oops? in typical corporate fashion, they are opening MORE stores, and hiking prices on everything! a space marine heavy weapon is now like 15 bucks.


i knew my flgs informant from the ontario gw store, and he was supposed to be moved up into managment. as he was telling me some of the managment policies of gw, i started to feel ill. its like everything for the company-you literally sell yourself when you move up.


so theres your tip of the day. no more gw for me, thanx.

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All hobbies are expensive. Some are more expensive than others.


Lets look at some stuff since a friend and I were talking about doing some samurai skirmish gaming. (All prices in CDN $)


Reaper L5R figure $5.95

Old Glory $45 for 30 figures ($1.50 per figure)

The Assault Group $24 for 8 figures ($3 per figure)

Perry Miniatures $15 for 6 figures ($2.50 per figure)


Now the break down on figures is very simple to see. The only real positive thing about the Reaper fig is if you only wanted one figure. The only figures not in the same quality level is Old Glory, but at $1.50 per figure you got what you paid for.


What about fantasy figures? Start with some character singles.


Reaper Duke Gerrard $8.95

PP Comandant Irusk $10.95

GW Dark Elf Assassin $11.95


Then some fodder.


Reaper Templars with Sword and Shield $15.95 for 3 figures ($5.31 per figure)

PP Winter Guard $9.95 for 2 figures ($4.98 per figure)

GW Dark Elf Shades $14 for 3 figures ($4.67 pet figures)


And just for fun some DHL stuff.


Bugbear Warriors $14.95 for 2 figures ($7.48 per figure)

Wolf Pack $11.95 for 3 figures ($3.98 per figure)

Jolie, Female Scribe $4.95

Black Orc $12.95 for 2 figures ($6.48 per figure)

Alaine, Female Paladin $4.95


You can do your own math on GW plastics and WotC collectables, but today we are comparing pewter to pewter. Also not included here are Rackham or boutique lines from Freebooter, Hasslefree or Spyglass. (The latter two run me $8 per figure after everything.)


For the most part, yes Reaper is cheaper than their competition. But if you don't buy GW figures because they cost a ridiculous price then you are fooling yourself, you are already in the ballpark of GW figures. Now certainly GW does go ridiculous on some named figures costing as much or more than $20. But the rest of their range isn't that much more than anyone elses.


This isn't a slam against Reaper high prices so much as dispelling that they are so much more reasonable than others. The good thing though is Reaper has a range of figures to choose from regardless of game system. Of course if you want genuine Iron Kingdoms figures you have to be ready to pay the price, same for genuine Warhammer figs.



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In Melbourne we generally pay between $6.00 - $12.00 Aussie for a single Reaper miniature.

At least they sell them in your country. In Thailand, the closest we come to anything but Games Workshop is the fact that the Warlord book was printed here.

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