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Stonecroft I - An expandable, customizable castle building system


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I just launched my latest Kickstarter campaign tonight.  It's a Norman style tower that can be expanded and customized with modular features and press-fit interlock walls to create several enclosed castle shapes. Thank you to those who contributed suggestions to the development of this project!  Your feedback is valued and appreciated! Thanks for checking out my work.






KS MAIN 1A.png

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I've been busy making lots of little changes and printing like crazy.  There are now three versions of the flat wall to eliminate repeating patterns (Stretch Goal#1 will be unlocked shortly).  The photo's show a growing 'castle'.  I am printing the 'left' version of the tower next as the expansion continues!  I also added three bonus features; a pillory scatter piece, and stone floor variants for the first level as this made a lot more sense than the original wood floors (both options will be included).  The final images show the press-lock feature for the customizable walls.

Thanks for checking out my work!











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I decided to work on a parapet wall option for the outer walls which was suggested to improve the project.  It will make it much more realistic, nicer looking, and allow for more playability so I don't think I can go wrong here.  The idea is roughed in and a basic test print showed it will work structurally.  Tonight I did most all the stone detail work and its almost ready to render and test print.  Here are some screen shots.  Your feedback is always appreciated!





On 1/21/2023 at 9:06 PM, Corsair said:

Those walls look GREAT!

Thank you!  This whole project started with making an improved stone texture and then trying to figure out what to make with it.  I am happy with the result of the texture, I think I may have bitten off more than I bargained for turning it into a modular castle though ...

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