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Ethiopian-Adal War

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I got excited by the existence of handgunners in the second edition of Lion Rampant and decided to finally paint up miniatures for the 16th century Ethiopian-Adal war.  In short this was a war between Muslim Somalis (well proto Somalis) and the highland Christian Ethiopian kingdom. These were basically medieval armies but they both brought in allies that provided a few matchlocks.  On the Ethiopian side that was Portuguese soldiers led by Vasco de Gamma's son.  On the Adal side it was Ottomans.  


In any case this isn't exactly a well studied war so I have a lot of freedom as to which models and color schemes to go with.   Maybe too much freedom.


Perry Miniatures US Civil War Zouves make pretty good test/brainstorming  models and are cheap at twice the price.  




A bit of an experiment with some of the minis I'm using.  (Fireforge Sudanese)




While messing about with some yellow contrast I noticed that a Zouve that had linen colored undercoat looked bettter than one using white and then recalled an idea of using a skin tone to form highlights from a video I watched years ago to come up with what we can call Lowlylowlychop.  1)"Prime" with Rosy Skin.  2) Pre-shade with Gloss Nuln Oil  3) Add contrast paint.


Here the robes have been done in that manner (Copplestone Somali Archers and Spearmen)



This pic shows off some bits where contrast has been applied and some where it's just Nuln Oil that will be painted over.  I couldn't use the same yellow contrast paint because these robes don't really take contrast or washes as well as they should. A different shade worked just well enough. 




I thought I could get away with these shades of green and red but in my opinion this is just too Christmas.  Both the green and red were highlighted by adding skin tone to the base color.




Instead I went with and orange.  I think that will work and look better once they get some matte varnish.




As we move up towards some Ottomans with really fancy dress things get trickier.  Here is a test ottoman which I think doesn't look bad and should fit in with the army.





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