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I almost didn't bother posting these, but I went ahead and did so. Just some quick rats and spiders. The rats are from the D&D Castle Ravenloft board game, the spiders are from the Legend of Drizzt board game. To mix it up, I alternated colors between brown/dark gray/light gray. They came out a bit dark, but I guess that's okay for rats and spiders.






Nothing spectacular, but they actually get used quite a bit (on the rare occasions when my group actually gets to play).

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On 1/22/2023 at 10:07 AM, KruleBear said:

I always have a mental struggle with how to approach these swarm type minis. .  


Agreed 100%...they're not the kinds of minis that I ever want to spend a tremendous amount of time on. These were primarily slapchop jobs. The only "traditional" painting was on the rats' tails. 


Thanks for the feedback, gang.

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