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61024:Dragon Blooded


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Nice work on the cloak man!

also the little red bits on the greaves and all the other blending bits you did.

Good work with the blending!


One thing to mention now would be that your skin tones on this one seem a bit drab/monochromatic. Maybe it's the pic or maybe you were just too subtle and I missed it, but you can use the same blending techniques there too.


Nice work!

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your blending fu is good grasshopper


now improve your color chioce fu and your miniatures will be truly enviable

what i mean is, the cloak is nice, and the face is very expressive, but there are alot of different colors on this peice-youve got blue, green, red, all topped with a light brown/chestnut cloak. maybe reduce down to two colors-ie green and brown-make the red a red/brown, and get rid of the blue-perhaps another shade of green here-lighter for the clothing and darker/olive for the staff. the brown cloak gives the piece a warm tone-following through with this in your color choice for the rest of the mini would make it both more uniform and more dramatic at the same time.


now if i can make my blending as smooth as yours consistently, i will too be enviable :poke:


edit-in retrospect, scratch that-the blue and brown contrast nicely-perhaps something more neutral for the pants. im not trying to tell you how to paint your mini, but it would have more impact with fewer stark colors.

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