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Pictures from Origins


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The Dwarven Forge stuff is great. Here is a link.


A friend (and DM) put off buying it for a long time, but everytime we'd go to a con, we would stop by the table and talk about how cool it looked. He finally broke down and bought a set, then received more as gifts, and has gradually added on a little at a time. We use it every week for our regular D&D game. It looks great with painted minis, is very helpful in laying out an encounter or a combat, and adds a whole new element to the game.

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Dwarven Forge aint got nothin' on me!!!!!


This isn't from Origins, but here is my Hirst Arts dungeon layout.


Castlebuilder's Dungeon


If you want to browse through all the other pics, there are some detailed dungeon pics sprinkled through this gallery section.


Tim Peaslee

Dag nabbit, Tim, I asked you for some pix from Origns to add the the ones I've already got on the site.


You still interested in a painting commission? I'm finally digging myself out from under my backlog.



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C'mon Mel, I already told you that I didn't take any pictures at Origins. If I had, I would post them.


I'm still interested in having you do some painting for me, It's just a matter of getting time to set something up.



Doh! Boy, sometimes it doesn't seem like I'm having a blonde moment, I'm having a blonde lifetime. ::D:


I think I have some Orgins pix of the dungeon, just got to dig them out, make necessary adjustments and publish. I'll take another look at my disks.

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I just went back and had a look at Castlebuilder's Dungeon. I thought it was amazing back at Origins before I had begun to do any Hirst modeling and now I have even more respect for the job. But it has brought me to a question. What if anything do you builders out there use when designing your dungeons? The best I have come up with is a rough approximation using the Never Winter Nights tool sets but they aren't the best things to print from or use as concrete plan when determining slopes or stair lengths.


My thanks for any advise.

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