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When I got back into the Hobby some years ago, I decided I would need a Projekt for the General Motivation. So I was looking for something playable with diverse miniatures, a small amount of Minis nieder and a Design to which Incould easily add various other Elements. Soon I found the game of The drowned earth.

My strategy was to build a full table of Terrain before buying Minis. This way it should be easy to motivate myself for getting the minis done afterwards. When trying tl find out more about the options of terrain building I became fascinated by the possibilities of mdf buildings. Searching for a terrain fitting to the three dimensional movements of The drowned earth I decided that the Venice line of ttcombat is a perfect match. Then buildings were designed to be played with  carnevale. A game with very fast movements, a lot of climbing, jumping and of course water. Some guys Look like Assassins from a popular game. This makes the perfect baseline for a drowned earth table. I will give Photos and ideal of different parts of the Projekt and share some  more ideas.

And I will be grateful for more Tipps and ideas for the Projekt.

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As a ground I used an ocean map of this mousepad stuff like neoprene.

This is a recommendation for The drowned earth, fits for Venice and makes a good Start for the ship I was building with my daughter at that time.




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16 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Welcome back to the hobby!

Do you have access to a 3d printer?

Will you build from scratch or do you buy ready made buildings?

There's a lot out there for you depending on how you approach this.

Looks like a great project.

Have fun.

Ahoi Glitterwolf,

I do not own a 3d printed. My neighbour has a filament printer which is in my opinion suitable for smaler Volume. 

The idea is mostly buying mdf buildings and pimp them up. I do own some buildings already and will now try to fit them into the wild Nature of The drowned earth. Photos coming soon. Still buying some Materials.

The ship is a scratch build made of wood.


All Module must be durable because my children use it for playing.

Side view of the floor tiles from the beginning.


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Working in the surface. Using craft colours for painting the mdf. A dark grey as Base colour is Followed by some Washes to get a irregular look. Another Player of Lighter grey is stippled with a dry cosmetic brush.


Again problemls with the upload of pictures




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3 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

It usually helps to reduce the size of the pics and then try again.

Thanks for the Tipp. It worked this time with reduced sitze.

I usually take the wip Photos with my Smartphone and upload them without Editing. Transforming Photos could mean a lot of extra work but I will keep that in mind.

Test of the wip with different Phases of Progress.



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