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I have employed my 3d printers recently to put together a chess set for myself. I'm not a very good chess player, but I do enjoy a game from time to time.


The pieces are assembled from a variety of STLs I've found about the place. The king and queen are scans of archaic Greek statues, a kouros and kore, from the Smithsonian I think. The bishops and knights are files I found on Thingiverse. The rooks were originally also from a Thingiverse file, but I've edited it quite a bit. The pawns are Goblinoid Warriors from Fat Dragon Games. And everything has been put on to decorative bases that I whipped up in Blender. I've glued 32mm (1¼") steel washers underneath to lower the centre of gravity and make them less tippy; I'd like to add some thin felt as well, but we shall see.


The black pieces are in the process of being painted right now. They'll be dark red rather than pure black, so that a bit of the detail can be made out.

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I have an extra pawn for each side, because they were printed in batches of three. So I'm taking those extras and gluing crowns on their heads, so that when a pawn is advanced to queendom, it can be replaced with one of these Uber-pawns.


I made the crown in Blender and printed them on my Mars Pro.

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The "black" pieces are finished now. All that remains is to give everything two or three spray coats of satin polyurethane to protect them from filthy, grubby, greasy fingers. I might also glue some felt to the bottoms of the pieces too.


I made the chess board some years ago; the squares are veneered with black walnut and kahikatea, framed in pink birch, and the whole board forms the top of a little occasional table with a drawer. I'll probably unscrew it from the carcass and just use it as a regular board, as it would be a bit more convenient that way. I'll just give the table a new top.

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