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This is something of a surprise project that kind of snuck up on me. This last Christmas I gave the kid a large bag of plastic knights. Thinking it would make for a nice small gift that we could play with together it has proven to be one of their favorites. We end up busting them out nearly everyday. There's hope we'll have another tabletop player in the family.


Playing with them so much however I couldn't help but wonder how they'd paint up. They may even be a very cheap way to field an army (albeit in a small scale). Trading the kid for a few of them I went to work cleaning them up. There were a few problems removing mold lines but nothing too bad. 



A few metal washers, some basing grit, and primer later this idea really came together. With all the prep work finished and as I was still working on another project I set these figures aside. 


Which brings us to tonight, having just finished my last project I leapt straight into this one. After breaking the figures into two groups I started painting. The first set really only needed a metallic and some leather to look pretty good. 



The second needed a bit more as they had cloth and shields, which meant heraldry. 


Nothing too fancy but more than enough to get me thinking about buying a second bag for myself. Tomorrow will be the deciding factor for me as I expect these will be finished after just one more session.

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Working on these throughout the day I managed to completely finish them, so all that remains are final pictures.






I'd say they're not too bad for the minimum time investment as they painted up surprisingly quick (just one more reason I love painting smaller scale figures). Though perhaps not as sturdy or detailed as "true" miniatures I think these would be great for either cheaply bulking out an army or building one. I definitely see myself buying another bag in the near future. 

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