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Kavorgh, Orc Warboss 77064

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That axe looks sharp...no pun intended. The nmm spikes on his bracers also look great. Nice work on the fur and hide. I'm with you...the lighter hide in his clothing came out well.


One area of suggestion for any similar models that you paint in the future: this sculpt has a LOT going on in the mouth area. You've painted it all realistic colors, which certainly makes intuitive sense. However, with that much going on in the sculpt, so many similar colors can get kind of muddled. Doing something a bit more stylized, like painting the inside of the mouth black, could help create a bit more contrast and make details like the teeth really pop. Plus, you'd get extra depth as a bonus. Just something to think about in the future.


Really unique look to this guy.


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That is great insight, and you zeroed in on exactly what was giving me fits!  So, the mouth has a bit of what looks like a cigar stub in it.  As a painted around it (not trivial, the lip/gum sculpt is pretty sloppy) I originally thought I was going to just carve it out.  I punted and worked on the shield.  At that point, it hit me that maybe it was some bone sticking out of his mouth.  Carrying that idea, I painted it as such.  But that didn’t really sell very well, so I added some more blood to the teeth (yes, I try to solve too many mini painting problems by costing them in blood…), but it just seemed weirdly flat.  You still have to stare at it for a while to even see the cigar/bone.  Carving that out and following your suggestions makes a lot of sense.  I have enough of these guys to where I should be painting one every month or so!  Thanks very much for the critique and suggestions, I really appreciate it!


Also, the TMM approach to the armor didn’t really work as well on the front as it did for that plate on the back, I probably should have followed my initial impulse and painted the front side as chunks of wood…

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