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Belevos, Traveling Wizard 07074

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13 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

You did a great job on him. 


On a side note: since he's one of the new 3D printed miniatures,  how was he to work with?

Thank you!  I put a little in the description, but to expand a bit, it was a very worthwhile set of trade-offs.  The only cleanup was a few little ‘pimples’ that scraped away cleanly.  They were at spots like the end of the elbow, edge of the sleeve, etc…  The details were outstanding - smooth flowing cloak, tight book pages, intricate and consistent beard.  It reminded me of the holiday ceramics my mom painted when I was a kid in the ‘70s. The figure took Stynylrez primer and then paint without a hitch.


You could detect patterning, but only in a few spots, most notably the top of the hood.  After priming and the second highlight it was really something you had to look for.  Same with the backpack, although I did some dry brushing there, and the texture kind of seemed to help.


My only real complaint was the eyes.  They seemed to be a little offset, which I didn’t notice until I painted them.  They were already really tough to get access to, and then I stepped back and saw the right eye (character perspective) was lower than the left eye.  He looked a little deranged, but not in a very appealing way!  I had to kind of push some flesh into the top of the left eye and bottom of the right eye to balance them out better.  I sort of cheated when I took the head on picture and made sure the eyes lined up before clicking!  I don’t know if that was just a sculpting thing, or if there was some settling during the printing.


I can’t speak to durability, but the 3d kerfuffle seemed like a nonissue to me.  I’d be happy to buy more figures like this!

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I agree, that backpack definitely reads as worn leather. Great job with the dark purple cloak (and the light blue inner sleeves add some contrast with regard to value). Sound like the eyes were a pain...in the end, they came out looking good!

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