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Painting picks from the box of Goodwill


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I've had a project waiting in the wings for quite some time now, simply painting my box of goodwill picks. This project kept getting shuffled back in my queue so much that I'll now be painting picks from the 12th and 13th circuit. Though I have painted some of my picks a few still remain.



Starting off I grabbed the three miniatures I was most excited to paint with the intention of only working on them one at a time. That didn't happen though as I soon found myself bouncing between two miniatures. Then before I knew it they were nearly finished.


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9 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

What's next?

Funny enough I started the session knowing what was next but wasn't able to stick to my initial plan.


The plan for tonight was to work on and hopefully finish two more miniatures. As I envisioned similar color schemes for these two this seemed like an achievable goal. It didn't work out that way however.


Though the fellow with the whip is nearly finished I hit a bit of a roadblock with the squidman. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do for his skin tone. This is all the more amusing as I'll probably just paint it like Dr. Zoidberg and I'm overthinking it.


As I thought about how I'd paint the squidman I moved on to the next two in my queue. I'm particularly enjoying painting outfits with just a few similar colors like I did with the green adventurer, so I decided to try it again. After noticing a bit of leftover green paint on my palette however I decided to add a splash of color on each of them. 


Starting out I hadn't intended to tie these three miniatures together but I like the way they turned out. These two still need a bit of detail work but I'd say I had a productive session overall even if I didn't actually finish anything. 

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8 hours ago, Rat13 said:

I'd say I had a productive session overall even if I didn't actually finish anything. 

I agree.


I know these are from the BoGW, but do have any idea who makes those last two?

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15 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Fair enough, thank you.

No worries, I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.


I managed to get an extra painting session in today and I put it to good use. Starting off I "finished" four models including the squidman who I did end up painting like Dr. Zoidberg. 20230207_224013.thumb.jpg.5891fec51cdc7dd3adbb211f17faf40e.jpg20230207_224044.thumb.jpg.d1f3640c9cdff9c22afce10c7711174a.jpg


In my regular evening session I even "finished" two more.


Though it is probably supposed to be some kind of rock monster I couldn't help but see a turtle, especially in the face. That combined with its shield I couldn't help but be reminded of an old transformer toy that combined a turtle and an alligator. That particular toy used the turtle shell as a shield when it transformed and that's what I thought of looking at this miniature. So I obviously went with it.


As for the dwarf I didn't do anything too crazy but I think it looks good. 

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Took a couple nights off to read through one of the Ion Age rulebooks but now I'm back. With a large Ion Age order on the way finishing this project is even more important. Luckily this project is almost over anyway.


Jumping right back in I got to work on my two armored figures. Using simple color schemes they painted up very quickly. I even went ahead and painted the spearman in sub assemblies which I believe was a first for me. 


It wasn't until I had finished painting them that I realized the swordsman bears a striking resemblance to Moe Howard of the Three Stooges. 


I also managed to paint the tavern dishes. These have to be some of the smallest terrain elements I've painted so far and though I'm skeptical they'll ever see table time they were fun to paint. 



Now all that remains is "pondering my orb".


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Went ahead and started painting the final miniature. This entailed painting the entire figure to completion before coming back to add the orb's glow. Since I had the wash out anyway I also washed the other miniatures in the project. 


I didn't get very far on the orb before I had to call it a night but its coming along nicely. 

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Project is just about finished now. All the figures have been sealed, their bases are painted, and flock is applied. Tomorrow I'll seal the base rims and take final pictures to close out the project. This is a good thing too as a new army arrives Wednesday.


As for the wizard he is finished.


The way I attempted to paint this didn't exactly work. Upon close inspection it looks pretty bad, I certainly didn't do this figure justice at close range. At tabletop distance however it looks pretty good so as a tabletop painter I might not chalk it up as a win but it definitely isn't a loss.

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Final pictures of the project.20230214_130735.thumb.jpg.e3d7b5ee2c6a53ffb51f2b135d7f256a.jpg20230214_130747.thumb.jpg.da2b614b0c807133b7841f7677af6e36.jpg









This turned out to be a fun little project. I experimented with colors a bit, tried out some new ideas, and even painted a somewhat passable glow effect. It also had some variety which is good for recharging the hobby batteries which will be needed as my next project is batch painting an army. 

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