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Another rookie question


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If you don't take any upgrades, you can get 4 CAVs for around 1200 pts, 4 vehicles (tanks, gunships, or AFVs) for around 600, and 3 infantry with APC for around 200. That's 3 sections total in 2000.


If you like lots of beefy crew and high-end machines, 4 CAVs alone is around 2000.


So basically you're looking at 4 to 12 models total for 2000 point games, depending if you like quantity or quality. Just make sure you have the ability to combat all types of units and you'll be fine either way.

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Yuppers... it's completely up to how you like to kit our your vehicles and crew.


I can boost 3 Despot tanks for nearly 2000 points (over if I get really nutty with upgrades) - which is one incomplete section. Generally going stock, 2000 points should buy you two or 3 sections, depending on what you use. (More if you use an APC and 3 infantry stands as a section, Less if you are just using CAVs)


What you might want to do is download a copy of CAV-RC available from http://www.cav-rc.com/ and play around with it.


You can play around with all the units, figure out upgrades (or downgrades if you want to make a hoard of cheap expendible 'irritating' sections.. ie.. sure they might be armed with pea-shooters, but when there are over 100 of them, once is going to hit you in the softspots)


If you have any questions about the program, or what works and what doesn't.. just drop a note here.

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It all depends on what you want ::D:


2000 pts can buy you any ONE of the Following


1. Light Infantry? 38 Pts each, or 52 Stands, or 13 Sections.


2. Dragonflies? 74 points each, 27 models, or 7 sections


3. Rhinos, or any Superheavy? 1700 - 1800 PTS for 3 Models, or 1 section.





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