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9 hours ago, Grand Slam said:

Super-cool scatter with a very intriguing marbling effect...mind sharing the technique?


This would look great with some wrought iron gates and a few crumbling tombstones around it. 


4 hours ago, Big Bad Wolf said:

Second that! You are way better at making marble than I am. I could use some schooling.


Thank you both.

It's actually a simple thing.


I painted it with Andrea White.

The Blue is Reaper Soft Blue, I watered it down, turn it into something between a wash and a glaze, it should be almost transparent.

Then paint a lightning pattern here and there and some random blobs.

After that has dried take the soft blue, just a little bit and add some lines and blobs over some of the parts you already did ( not watered down this time just normal but not too thick)

The spots where the blue got too much for my taste I used Reaper Vampiric White and "repaired" those spots.


This works with any colour combo.

I have used it  on these models as well in different colours:








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8 hours ago, Rigel said:

Fantastic work! I'll have to use that blotching technique next time I try marble--thank you for the tips! 


Perfect choice of backdrop, too. 


I think looking at the real thing always helps to see how to paint something.

That and looking at youtube vids on the subject and looking at other people's work.

That's how I learned it as well.



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