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"The Stig" Bones V Fire Giant Hellbringer

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11 hours ago, Grand Slam said:

Very nice approach to the paint scheme. The light colors are refreshing and unexpected. I also like the skin. 


The sword and shield are both breathtaking!

Thank you very much!  ( It's my  rough approximation of a "split complementary" scheme- orange/brown versus blue-green and blue-violet but I had to go more burgundy to tie in with my other Fire Giants).


16 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I love it!

The shield and sword with the fire /lava theme are awesome!




Thank you very much. I'm proud of the shield because I kept going back and improving it instead of calling it done!  Both it and the sword benefit from the astonishing way  some of Citadel's contrast paints look over white ink and then layered together - the base was so simple - a melange of the fire-bright contrasts then a really thick layer of Mordant Earth.

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1 hour ago, Iridil said:

Great story for a great figure (kinda hard to say mini with this guy :)) I really like the coloring of cloak/armor and the idea that it's from an ice dragon... spectacular!

Thank you very much - the stories were just telling themselves with this figure (tbf I think Gary Gygax gets some of the credit for the cloak - I have a long term target of painting all the monsters for Against the Giants ( maybe not 80 orc slaves...) and I noticed the other day that the Fire Giant King  is described as wearing a cloak of white dragon hide. I said Ice Dragon because I wanted to use Briar Queen Chill to balance the colour scheme.)

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19 hours ago, Rigel said:

Outstanding work! Love the shield, the glowy eyes--the whole picture. And the legends are just the perfect introduction.

Thank you - I think this site has got to me because everyone tells such great tales about their minis

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