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Mantic Ghouls - Kings of War (pic heavy)

Grand Slam

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2 hours ago, Rigel said:

And the highlighting on those bases is perfect--really makes it look like they're just on the edge of an errant beam of moonlight. 


Man..that's poetic 🙂


On 2/12/2023 at 4:31 PM, malefactus said:

but your black background makes it difficult to see


I have to agree in this case (especially the last two guys). I think that, when the black background works, it really works. I'm still struggling with consistency in my photo quality, though.


Thanks for the feedback, gang.

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These are all great!  The eyes and sculpt on that first one are really cool, as is the sculpt on the last.  I really like your color treatments and shading- the clothes are formerly brilliant but now grungy - perfect!  The first one really nails the ‘dead but animated’ skin tones, the others are a little pinker than my preference, but I’m trying to be be picky.  Great set, just the crowd I don’t want to meet taking out the garbage!

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