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This is a project many years in the making. I recently painted my first miniatures from their 15mm line and that has reignited my desire to play their accompanying systems. So jumping in feet first I made my initial order containing multiple starting armies and rule systems.


Today everything arrived and I have a new mountain of metal on my desk. So my first decision is 15mm or 28mm first?



In the end I decided to start with the 15mm scale figures I fell in love with. Having an understanding of them at that scale combined with a paint recipe made this an easy choice. I got right to work filing down mold lines and nearly finished one bag of miniatures. 


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Got back at it tonight and made quite a bit of progress. The first bag of Retained are now cleaned up and attached to bases. As I did with my first set of Retained I used metal washers for their bases. Though Alternative Armies does supply bases I'm not really a fan of them.


The supplied bases are resin discs and after realizing my metal washers were only a fraction smaller it was an easy decision to stick with the washers. 


If finishing one bag wasn't enough how about two more? I also managed to clean and base the Yordan portable weapon team, the portable weapon itself, and assemble three battlesuits. 


The weapon and battlesuits belong on 30mm bases so it looks like a trip to the hardware store is in my future.

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6 hours ago, malefactus said:

I love this stuff AND you are doing a SPLENDID job with the minis, but shouldn't this thread be in Works in Progress: Painting?

It mostly certainly should, looks like I hit the wrong tab when I started the project.

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12 hours ago, Grand Slam said:

I'm a big fan of washers, myself. 

Aside from a few small scale historical miniatures these are the only miniatures I've chosen to base this way. While I don't see washers replacing my typical bases I'm very happy with them for this project. It has made for a nice change of base.


Went to the hardware store this morning and found some "acceptable" 30mm washers to base the weapon platform, the battlesuits, and even the 28mm scale figures. Throughout the day I got a little work done here and there. So by the end of my usual evening session everything was cleaned and based.


Now I've got two 15mm scale armies along with all my 28mm figures ready for primer. Hopefully the heatwave continues and it'll be warm enough to prime tomorrow.


As with my 20mm washers the 30mm washers aren't quite right either. They are just a bit bigger than 30mm but were as close as I could get to the proper size.


Like the 20mm washers though I think it's within the acceptable range.


As I bonus I also cleaned and based Alternative Armies free miniature of the month, a giant slug. 


Though it isn't a model I would have bought I am a bit excited to throw some paint on it as it looks like a blast to paint. 

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Yesterday I went ahead and primed everything. Though the heat wave wasn't exactly cooperating I felt it was warm enough to get away with it. So today I removed all the figures from their priming slats and got to work.


Deciding to start with the color scheme I'm familiar with I opted to paint the Prydian Army first. This came with the added benefit of allowing me to reacquaint myself with the models before jumping in to a new color scheme for the League of Yordan. 20230220_222639.thumb.jpg.6e5fc9869f2a735159c879cce6a533bb.jpg

Though I'll be breaking these into smaller batches going forward I basecoated all of their armor. Having painted these before I know just how much cleanup work is required at the end so I didn't worry to much about the starting basecoat.

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I was hoping to get a couple of good sessions in today but that didn't happen. However with the one session I did get in I got half of the Prydian Army to the wash stage. 20230221_222316.thumb.jpg.185ce911e0ff8b7dc7068e67530a482b.jpg

With any luck I can get the rest to this stage with one more session. 


Then I guess I'll need to really start figuring out the League of Yordan's color scheme. So far I think I've found the right colors for the Canon scheme but I haven't gotten a chance to test them yet.

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Tonight I finished the figures of my first army.20230222_214329.thumb.jpg.cd54d5ae0374642cac6a5b7e9df86702.jpg


Prewash they were looking very nice but too crisp for my taste. As always results may vary but I'm just not a fan of clean polished figures, plus wash is great at hiding your painting sins and oversights. 


Tomorrow I hope to finish the bases so I can move onto the League of Yordan figures.

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I had really hoped I'd be able to finish my first army today but that didn't happen. I certainly gave it a good try but I simply didn't make it. The figures however are sealed, the bases are painted, washed, highlighted, and the rims are sealed. So all that actually remains is adding a bit of flock in places.20230223_225008.thumb.jpg.3fab2ca4f907e3758a846f0b7adf84ea.jpg

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This may in fact be one of my longest posts to date barring battle reports. Just wanted to give you a heads up because apparently I've got a lot to say.


First things first the Prydian Army is finished. I flocked all the bases, took final pictures, and even added them to my existing collection. Those final pictures will have to wait however as this update will be long enough.


Starting tonight's session I was fairly confident I had the proper colors to start painting the League of Yordan figures. Turns out I had the perfect yellow and gold but no green. Grabbing a figure I tried Wilderness Green (09411) on it's right side and Brilliant Green (09227) on it's left.20230224_204833.thumb.jpg.25eeb00812fe8fdff4318e4c78a83dac.jpg20230224_204818.thumb.jpg.66dcf685feb188c04ad45c32f90c73d1.jpg

Prewash neither color looked right but I went ahead and threw a wash on anyway. 20230224_232006.thumb.jpg.5ebeff709898592d98c20a26bc821918.jpg

The wash didn't quite get it there either so I moved on to another test model.


This time I tried Leaf Bud Green (09336) on it's right side and Viper Green (09228) on it's left.


As with the previous figure neither color was right but I threw on a wash anyway.20230224_231937.thumb.jpg.dae1a349fd340fcb9a3c798beffadc4b.jpg

Still not what I wanted. So I took a look at my remaining green paints and realized I only had one more color worth testing. 


I went ahead and tried Dungeon Slime (09415). Though I forgot to grab a picture prewash I was certain this was the wrong color too.


Post wash it definitely isn't what I'm looking for. 


Having exhausted all my on hand green candidates I went to Reaper and started looking through all their greens. In a pretty short time I think I've narrowed down what I'm looking for to three colors Clear Green (09096), Turf Green (09481), or Lini Green (89517). Looks like I've got a new order to place.


By now (if not sooner) you're probably wondering why I just don't attempt to mix the color I'm looking for and the answer is pretty simple. I don't want to mix paint for a whole army. I'm locking in my Yordan color scheme now and knowing that I'm going to be expanding this force I want to find a color that works straight from the bottle. So it looks like I'll be putting my Yordan force on hold for a bit.

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Unnecessary extra picture.
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