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Obviously I'd planned to be back at the desk a lot sooner than this but life had other ideas. Both the wife and kid picked up something over last weekend and have only just bounced back. Though I didn't paint while everyone was sick the kid and I did get pretty far into Dragonball together during our lazy days.


Really wanting to jump back into the project I quickly basecoated the large slug.20230323_213548.thumb.jpg.8df6a5c5d8118993a2fc1dc273334f27.jpg20230323_213554.thumb.jpg.33e5bc8847352a60cb87548a79d44ec7.jpg

The green will definitely take another coat to get proper coverage but already it is looking decent. 



While the slug was drying I started three of the 28mm Retained Knights. Though I don't exactly have a use for these models I'm excited to paint larger versions of the miniatures I fell in love with. 


By the end of the session I had basecoated their white, black, and steel metallic. Not bad for one night's work. 

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Had another productive night. The large slug is very close to finished.20230324_222137.thumb.jpg.5099c20280d45e868c20a5bc7fbf3ac2.jpg20230324_222147.thumb.jpg.0b57b8fb54f2f66d66b0d0d835747a72.jpg

As per my usual it is almost bathed in wash which makes for a logical stopping point. 



The first three Retained also made it to the wash stage tonight.


The official color scheme calls for green wires/cords but I'm not exactly sold on them. If the wash doesn't tone them down enough I might go back and deviate from the official scheme. 

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No actual painting progress but both forces have been stated out and playtesting has finally begun.


My table setup is pretty basic but it does provide multiple terrain features that factor into movement. It is my hope that I'll be ready to start teaching this system to new players before the end of April.

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Like the last update said I intended to take a break from painting and really test out and learn the Moth system. Well here we are a month later and I have to say that didn't happen. Between myself and the family getting sick along with the usual spring work I haven't had a chance to play even one game. So the goal of teaching Moth this month is right out the window. 


Finding myself in need of a refresher of the system simply because I spent a month away from it I've opted to jump back into the painting side of things for a bit. Grabbing the next three Retained I managed to basecoat their white and black before calling it a night. 


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Still struggling to actually find hobby time but I was able to "play" my first test game last night.


Though I know I missed some things muddling my way through the first test game really helped. Going slowly I only really tested movement and shooting but it was a good start. Turns out the hunker down mechanic is essential to keep the game from being a meat grinder, so I know what I'll be working on next "game". 

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It seems like I go through a hobby slump every year, but at least I'm almost out of it this time. Though I still haven't managed to get back to the gaming table to continue testing I have been at the painting desk the last couple of nights. A new order of figures arrived so I got straight to work. 


This order was mostly the line's limited number figure packs, but it also contains what my Yordan army needs to replace the proxies. Finding that I liked the figures in the limited releases I grabbed two packs, one for each army. 



The other night I spent a whole session simply cleaning the figures for my Yordan army. This is only half of the order but its a start. 


Then last night I based everything.


Hopefully I can find the time to prime these today. 


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