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Battle System's "Maladum" : Fantasy Miniatures Game and Multi-Level Dungeon Terrain


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Hurry! Late pledge open until July! 😄


Link to GameFound : https://gamefound.com/projects/battle-systems/maladum-dungeons-of-enveron


"That has taken the MSRP on the Dungeon pledge up to £160 so it's now over 50% off! As we mentioned in previous updates, in the pledge manager you will find more add-ons than were on the campaign, to allow you to fully customise your dungeons. As well as being able to pick up all sorts of terrain pieces separately, you'll also find packs of plastic clips for more ambitious builds, and a range of neoprene gaming mats, all with 1"/25mm grids. This includes a brand new design - the Frosty Crags mat.


Game mats look to be a good price. 3x3 Muddy Mat is useful for underground and above. $32 on PM vs. $50 on Amazon. And shipping is ridiculously cheap, at £16.28, when other KS are charging $50. 



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Pledge Manager Update


The Pledge Manager is officially closed, but it's not technically locked down. There are still 133 backers with at least £5 of unspent credit, and 118 of those backers have not placed an order for anything at all yet! I'm keeping the pledge manager open for a short time to allow those backers to get their details in (and for anyone else to add something they may have missed).


REMINDER - THE PLEDGE MANAGER IS NOT OPTIONAL. If you don't complete your order, we won't know what you want or where you live and we won't be able to send you anything.

We've sent multiple email reminders, but they're either getting ignored or stuck in spam filters. Hopefully those 133 people will see this update and get their pledges sorted - we don't want you to miss out! If you have any questions about the pledge manager or your order, please email [email protected].



"We'll be printing approx. 600,000 punchboard sheets - around double the largest order we've ever made before.


"However, the quality of the board itself is not yet living up to our required standards. The material looks fine at first, but on closer inspection and testing it's not as densely constructed as our usual board. With rough handling/repeated use it starts to suffer delamination (where the layers come apart and the edges look frayed) and compression (where the board becomes thinner at the connection points, meaning joins will start to become loose).

Of course this is absolutely fine for the typical Kickstarter backer who keeps all their pledges unopened on a shelf of shame forever ;-). However, we also need to cater for the backers who actually play their games, and these sheets aren't ready for that yet. We've been going back and forth with the factory on this for a few weeks now and we're hopeful that the next round of samples will live up to expectations.



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