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Demo CAVs


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Ok.. I've been yappin' about it for a few days, I finally got around to taking some pictures of them. I've completed my first 4 BL Demo CAVS (3 of 6 Dictators and 1 Ogre - guess what I'm playing...)


They took me about 2 nights to finish (about 2 hours a night or so between work and dinner) - so they are super quick and easy to paint up, if you wnt to ape any of them.

I'm particularly pleased with the Ogre... you just wanna shoot him. :)










There are a ton more pictures at my Gallery. Here. Under the linky thing.

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Yeoow, the skull on the Ogre, that made my day right there. That is my favorite rendition of an Ogre to date, and I've seen plenty of Ogres in my day. this one tops them all. Great job.


I've seen the Dictators already, but I certainly don't mind seeing them again. Really nice work, and those cockpits, WOW!


I'll be back after I peruse your gallery, but thanks for the warm fuzzy feeling. We've been getting a bit more CAV love in the show off section, its about time.

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The Ogre also has little skully kill markings on the one arm. :) I'll keep adding them after demo games - untill it looks like a model from a competing company. SKULLZ FOR THE MARKETING TEAM!


I think I might resize these and pop them over to Mil-Net later (if it's quiet here on the eastern front at work)


I'm digging the CAV love too. It's good to see more and more of them step forward.

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