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Modular CAV Weapons


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I did not realize that pewter was attracted to magnets. Where do you hope to find such small magnets. I have never had luck cutting them.



Why do you want them removeable?

Radio Shack generally has magnets of various sorts in their catalog. That would be a good place to start, as well as craft stores.

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We were thinking along simular lines before, and perhaps a dremel might be better suited.


We're looking at criss crossed pegs, one to insert the arm into a prepared arm socket, and another going straight down into the shoulder to lock the arm into place.


We'll probably look into it deeper in the next few months

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The only other thought i ever had on the "Modular arms" idea was to replace the Peg in the shoulder/torso with a Screw, and thread the Arm / sholder to just spin onto the screw. or perhaps vice versa?


how about a hole all the way through the Arm / shoulder, counter sunk to help hide the screw head. screw through Arm, and into torso. cover head with green stuff.


carefully unscrew from Troso, and voila!




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