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Max the Florist (The Streets of Dunkeldorf)


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8 hours ago, chaosscorpion said:

Well done!

1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

Good job!



Thank you! ^_^


5 hours ago, Rigel said:

So much character! Can't help but be reminded of the demolitions guy from "Atlantis: The Lost Empire."


Haha! Never thought of that, but he does! :lol:

And yeah, one of the big reasons why I love Dunkeldorf minis is because of how much character their minis have! ::D:


5 hours ago, Adrift said:

Is the right hand an actual vase, like war injury turned peace offering? He’s got a lot of character and I dig the color choices!! Great job!


Thank you! Yes, his right hand is an actual war injury(along with the right side of his head there), and he's switched out the hand for mechanical clamps/tongs. :poke:

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14 hours ago, Grand Slam said:

Looking good...I really like the work you did on the head injury. His overall color scheme is also a good fit for the mini.


Thank you! I tried to give make his clothes colourful, but not too bright. Really wanted to go with purple for his overalls, but a regular purple would've been too much. Found a very muted purple that worked quite well. :D

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