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Ever feel like the mini sculptor made it hard on purpose?


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On 12/31/2023 at 9:18 AM, ced1106 said:



(IIRC, Reaper said they have pre-assembled in retail b/c rpg'ers will buy a miniature, rip it out of its blister, and use it for game night at the store, while some Bones KS miniatures were on sprues b/c the Bones backers were a different audience and many painted.)


I can fully attest to this statement. Most of my Weds night table uses minis that are straight from the blister. Current game, one player is using a Bones lizardman (I think from B1) that is warped on the base & it's little to begin with. So most of the night his mini is in the prone position on the grid. I did a temporary fix to it as I had some tape in my bag & anther player had a spare Wizkids base.


Since most of my players just use store bought (or in one case, 25mm minis) & the store only carries Wizkids Unpainted, I'm hoping the decision from Wizkids to eliminate the black base doesn't come back & bite the table. I should carry a bottle of superglue & spare bases on me, you know just in case.

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