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Ever happened to you?


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Ok, one of the things I often do at lunchtime, is go to my local Office Max and browse through the bargain bins for PC games. That way I have gotten jewels like Unreal Tournament 2003, Hitman 2, Gothic 2, etc.


A few weeks ago, I went and found a copy of Etherlords (PCG rating 75% or so) at the ludicrous price of $99.00 pesos (around $8.50 USD, at the going exchange rate), so I picked up a copy, and spent the afternoon thumbing through the manual at the office.


Yesterday, while working a bit on my PC, I had to move some notebooks that were in the way of the keyboard tray, and there I found an unopened, shrink wrapped copy of Etherlords, with the Office Max price tag.


Now, that was weird, because I distinctly remembered opening the box, taking the manual out and browsing through it at work, and then coming home, and putting said box right over those books...and..., yep. You guessed it. There it was, the OPENED copy of the game.


So, not only had I bought the same game twice, I did so at the same store, paying the same price.


Thing is, it is not the first time it happens to me. Earlier this year I bought a Gotrek & Felix novel I already had (although, in my defense, the new one had a different art on the cover), and I have been close on several ocassions to pick up miniatures I already have when on my LGS.


I wonder if it is an age thing... :wacko:

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Yah I've done that (not buy a game thou) but I do that with paint sometimes, bought 4 Reapers whiles I was on vacation in Portland OR a couple years ago!!!! & I had my paints with me (in the car of course!!!)


Also I just bought a couple WOTC minis that I think I already have, oh well, no biggee, as I really don't know where the ones I think I have are anyways, ha ha



Randy M

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What's worse is when they name it one way on one box, and another way on another box, but it's the same game!! (Schizm/Mysterious Journey - anyone want one?)


I've got several copies of games that I either thought I had lost, thought an ex had (and didn't) or thought I didn't have and ended up having it.


It's rather frustrating. Maybe I'll sell some of them in a garage sale.

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I've done this but with me It is usually that I buy a tube of glue and forget I have it and buy another.


I look at it as my poor memory probably going down the drain from stress. Stress is the number one thing with me that causes my nearly photographic memory to go haywire.

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