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Five For Fighting


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they're all great but the standouts are Loryn, and Amariol. The gold on Amariol's shoulder pauldron is the highlight. I'm currently painting Loryn and yeah, you have to be a little prone to obsessiveness to go for NMM on his/her armor. Lot's of little details, but I agree about it being one of the best if not the best Elven fighter/mage types out there. Great looking group!

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Impressive group, Jester. The bases are done in a very striking pattern, which complements very well the dramatic balance of shades ands highlights you use.


Color schemes on most of them are very well balanced and offer a wide range of hues that complement each other in ways that say a lot about the character that sports them.


The only one that doesn't quite do it for me is the combination of acid green and dark red on the elf archer, but then again, that is just a subjective opinion.

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amazing jester-the work on loryn is both inspired and inspiring.


i have a couple of questions for you regarding your nmm, if you will be so kind.


do you go from shade up to highlight, or from highlight down to shade?

find it infinitely easier to start with brighter tones and shade down-guess that is due to my inexperience. (or my early painting education with thinned citadel inks)


second-what grey color did you use? most nmm's have a definite blue tinge (including most of yours) but this shade seems pure dark grey up to almost white, with no blue at all. im new to nmm and mine has definite blue in it, even though i used mostly my own black and white mix with a little gw codex grey, and id really like to "get the blue out".


most use blue in their mnn recipes, (vallejo flat aluminum being a common favorite color for this) but ive been trying to do just what youve done on loryn-without blue. if you could drop me a hint id be very much appreciative.


sorry to grill you with questions, but i saw your loryn and almost jumped out of my chair-i was like "theres the armor ive been trying to paint"

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In answer to your questions, I'll try to be brief.


I generally start in the middle shades and work from there with Steel NMM. Gold is a straight up approach. I still do "up" in value at times with my steel, but sometimes I find it easier to work from the middle. In this case I worked up from the darkest to the lightest because there are such small areas of work.


Actually the NMM works for me like this:


1) Multiple washes of Jester's Shade (custom mix). You can just go ahead and wash some black in, it's about the same... establish your outlines and shadows...

2) Next is 3 drops VGC Cold Grey, 2 drops Black, 1 Drop Stormy Blue (I keep this mix in a custom bottle...

3) 3 drops of the Cold Grey/1 of the Black...

4) Code Grey

5) Add Skull White to the Cold Grey

6) Pure white touches for hot points...


This is now my formulae for most NMM. I can add in blues, or increase the size of the areas to brighten/darken the armor. But I need to just stick with something and work with it until I get perfected. Which is a long time down the road.


There is a slight blue tint to the armor, but it's small and discreet.


Also, please remember to KEEP YOUR PAINTS THIN. Use at least a 2 to 1 mix of water to paint.


But this is just me talking... and what I find working for me.

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Can you share your recipe for Loryn's platinum blonde hair?

It's my standard:


Bone White... glazed with Cobra Leather... then Bone White and then Skull White mixed with Bone White (progressively more Skull White).


Or at least that's what I can recall... :huh:

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Jolie - Marvelous. Simply marvelous. I like the subdued colors of her clothing which allows the beauty of her face and hair stand out. Like other people, I had never realized she was reaching for glasses. The exasperation on her face is priceless. Well done.


Piers - Very much a young fop. The only thing I'm not really liking is the gold stuff on the skirt thing (whatever it's called). While it's well done, I hate to say that I've changed diapers that looked like that color and pattern. Other than that, I really like it.


Bertran - Sometimes I love getting back to basic primary colors, but I've never been able to make it work as well as you have managed to here. He doesn't stand out as much as the others, but I'm digging the staff.


Amariol - I love the quiver and the bow. How do you attach your bowstrings? I know some people drill a small hole and superglue, some people knot around the ends of the bow, and some just glue it on. I'm also curious what you used to shade the red (always a difficult color).


Loryn - Love the gem on the forehead. What I like the most, however, is how smooth your red is on the cloak that makes it look like it's made of velvet. The whole cloak exudes this luxuriousness that makes me want to make one just so I can wrap myself up in it's warmth. Gorgeous. All this mini needs is some special effects coming off the sword blade to carry the paintjob into reality. The scar over the eye gives him a menacing aura while the gleam of his armor makes this a truly heroic character. How did you decide to make he/she a male and how did you correct the "problem" of that area?


I also want that platnium hair color. Too bad I don't look good as a blonde.


Overall, very well done. I'm glad you saved the best for last.

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Gosh, this thread got resurrected after I painted these - what? - three months ago???


And I never as a habit write my color combos down...


However, the pants on Amariol are a base of Parasite Brown... that much it looks like to me. In that case, then they were shaded with Charred Brown and any highlights were done by adding VMC Ivory to the Parasite Brown. With bow strings I just put a small notch with my xacto knife in the end of the bow, and then I use cross-stitching floss (one strand) for the string.


As for Loryn, I didn't actually know it was a female character until AFTER I had painted the miniature up. It's a bit too androgynous for me. So I guess I decided the fig was more masculine and thus painted it that way. :lol: The reds on Loryn are a base of Cadmium Maroon and then just Red Gore and Blood Red if I remember right. But I tried to keep it as dark as possible, and not a real bright red area.

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