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New Check Law Goes Into Effect.


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I also pay all of my bills online, I honestly dont remeber the last time I had to lick a stamp
Obviously it's been awhile, gaucho. Stamps are self-adhesive these days. ::D:


Ok OK, I'll admit that I have a problem with manual labor but really, who does this "new and improved convinient technology" really benefit? I've only mentioned the card readers but this applies even more to those new "self-checkout" computers. I honestly prefer to have a friendly cashier do all the work and let me enjoy the fruits of my purchases versus not only handing my money over to the company for overpriced product but also doing the job of a cashier at no charge!!!

Actually, I prefer the self-checkout because it means I can go to the store and get what I need, and not have to interact with a single human being! Granted, I'm weird, and many days would prefer to have absolutely no human contact at all. Except via the 'net.

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Forgot to mention previously, that in addition to the "Check 21" that was passed, companies that deposit your checks (Wal-Mart for example) have the ability to send just the electronic information from those little numbers at the bottom of your check (MICR information). They have had the ability to do this for a few years now.


Basically they run your check through a reader, which picks up your bank account info from your check, and they input the amount of your check. At one time, the customer would have to authorize this. However, that's not the case any longer. Last I knew, the customer just had to be notified their check was going to clear electronically. But the customer is supposed to have the ability to say "no" and force the merchant to clear the check the old fashioned way. This info gets transmitted electronically through the FED and out to our bank accounts. This means that, once again, check float may become an issue for some people.


Check 21 simply allows banks to accept an image of your check for clearing, rather than the original check itself. There are a few more details but I won't bore you any longer.... <_<



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