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Business Painting Miniatures?


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Oh, and Chuza, the prices you command on ebay are in part governed by your rep.  It would be hard to have a good score as a seller if you only sold one mini a month for twelve months.  Of course, you could augment your rating by selling other stuff or making some modest purchases.

What I meant to say is do 12 of one figurine at a time and sell one each month, rinse and repeat with as many figs as you can handle. i.e. Due 12 Alluras, 12 cave trolls, 12 male druids and post them all and as many more as possible and each month as you sell one ship it off.


Of course one has to have a great deal more shelf space than I to do it ^_^

That's actually not too bad an idea, Chuza. Wait two weeks and hit the "sell similar" button. :) Or Relist, and change the photo.

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Quick question (well, two actually):


- Do you guys set a "reserve" price for your figures?


- How widespread is "dummy bidding"?

I don't see a lot of figures selling on ebay with reserve prices, but I have seen a few. As a buyer, I usually avoid reserve price auctions unless I either REALLY want the item or the seller tells me what the reserve is set for.


By "dummy bidding" are you referring to non-paying bidders? I am sure that does happen (a lot more than ebay will admit to). If the buyer doesn't pay, you can offer it to the 2nd place bidder (that has happened to me a couple of times) or relist.

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I've seen miniatures on CMON posted at $0.01, and while I could see the reasoning behind it, I couldn't see any sense in it.


"Dummy Bidding" is the practice of an auctioneer/vendor having a non-genuine bidder present at an auction in order to artificially raise the selling price.


Tommy. ^_^

My understanding is that listing price for ebay auctions is set by the starting bid, and that there used to be a lot more levels of price cut-off. In that case, it was cheaper for the seller of an expensive item to start the bidding at say $1 and put a $200 reserve price to keep it from selling too cheaply. Some people could list their eBay auctions starting at $0.01 because they know there is no way it sell for a low price.


The "dummy bidding" you are talking about (aka shill bidding) does happen on ebay (again, more often then they will admit) and if done by an ebay "Power Seller" generally goes unpunished, even though it is illegal.

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I start mine at $1.00aud. Haven't had a problem so far.

I might start them at a higher amount one day, though, its really boring watching the proxy bids early on when you start real low. Really boring.


I thought they removed reserves... or was that just from aussie ebay?? *confused look*

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They still have reserve price as an option in the US.

Ah ok. I wonder why they would remove it from certain countries and not others.


Tommy, proxy bidding is when you click on bid and enter the highest amount you are willing to pay, as opposed to just adding $1.00

eBay then does the bidding for you, if someone bids, it will kick in with your bid till it reaches your proxy and it will stop.

I think they are only counted as one bid in the bids list, it just updates and reorders the list with the new amount. or something confusing like that ;)


I dont know what the $I means...

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I can think of two reasons to start a bid at $.01:


1) Really cheap insertion fee

2) On an item you know will be hot, you will get a lot of activity, and get one of those flame icons on your item on CMON.


I suppose this ploy works if you tend to have stuff sell high. Generally speaking, it isn't a risk I'm willing to take. Maybe someday.

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