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Should I get a dog?


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As most people have stated...Exercise...Exercise...Exercise...remember you wll be like the post man...whether ran or shine...snow storm or hurricane...you have to take the dog out for nature calls...Depending on the apartment...this may be a special run that you are required to use...or you may be required to pick up the offending matter...depends on local laws...I would check first before getting a puppy...


Remember...you will required to keep the Dog immunized...licensed for the local community...you will also want to put the dog on Heart Worm and Flea treatment...and should get the dog fixed/spayed if you don't plan on breeding. These can get real expensive very fast...so if money is tight...I would pass on getting a dog...you might want to talk to a Vet to get a feel for expenses that are involved...

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4) Older dogs are great. often times they are aleady house broke and starved for attention and will be perfect dogs. Having already expended thier "puppy energy" they are a bit more "stable" when they have to be home alone for a couple of hours.

My dog is pushing 10 years old. We adopted her from a pound when she was about 6 months old, she had been abandoned and abused. She is a black lab/beagle mix. She is still hyper as all hell ::D: Her muzzle and socks are greying now, and she groans a little when you make her get up, but as soon as she gets outside. WHOOOOOOSH. Off like a rocket.


Getting a dog from the pound is also great because they are frequently crate trained while they are there, and are also given basic obedience training.


Dammit, I hate moving out and being away from my dog. I'm gonna have to go visit my mom I guess, so I can see Daisy.

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Had a Lab once was a great dog!


I love dogs and cats, I have cats now because we lived in a townhome when we got married, got the cats 2 weeks after the wedding.


The main thing is dogs need room to run, not just walks once a day.


It sadden me to see big dogs in places they do not have a back yard to romp, little dogs can romp in the house and in small yards but med and big dogs need room.


SO if you have room a dog is great, if you do not have a good backyard, then a smaller breed or another animal would be my pick.


I will not get another dog til the cats have passed on, which I hope is many years from now.


The only downside to pets is they are children to my wife and I, and when we have one pass on, it hurts.


But Thing One and Thing Two are healthy, playfull, and full of life at 13 years and counting.


Sisters they be, and I think them bunp heads and switch brains sometimes.


They greet us when we come home, and lie with us when we feel down.

And bounce on us at 6:00 am if not fed :)



I wish there was a way to keep them forever, but as a great man once said, life sucks at times.




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I am only say, WOW! Thank you all for your input! You guys are the best. ::D:


The pup we're looking at is 3 months old from a shelter. Just as some of you stated, they have already had her undergo crate training, obedience, and vaccinations/immunizations.


Every tenant in my apartment has a dog, well, except me. But, I hope that'll change!


I love cats. I've practically grown up along my best friend's three cats. Two of which have passed on. :down: The only problem with getting a cat is the fact that I'm allergic to them. But, not dogs surprisingly.


I do live in an apartment, but I will be taking the dog with me to the farm. I'm just afraid of all the ticks and chiggers getting on her there. ::(:


Thank you all again for responding! It's definitely helping me with my decision and providing me with further information!

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One thing to keep in mind if you have a dog that you intend on leaving inside for the better part of a day...


We had a wonderful Australian Sheepdog (awesome dogs btw) who was the sweetest and kindest dog ever. The problem was she knew that "doing her business" inside was a no-no, so she would hold it as long as she possibly could. Sometimes she'd make it through the day, sometimes she wouldn't. In the end, she was about 15-17 years old (I don't call exactly how old) and her kidneys were failing her because she would hold herself so long. Dogs really need a place they know they can "go" during the day, preferrably (of course) outside. If you can't allow the dog outside during the day, or at least a lunchtime reprieve, I'd reconsider. Dogs are wonderful, but you've got to consider their health and understand that you've got more than heartworm, fleas/tick, vaccinations, and food considerations. They need regular checkups with their vet (find a good one, I can ask my cousin who is one of the best vets in my area if she knows of any good ones in your area) as well as visits when they get hurt or sick. I think you can now buy health insurance for pets to help defray the high cost of vet bills as well.


I tend to prefer large dogs, specifically Borzois (aka Russian Wolfhounds) and Afghans (of which I had an aunt who's father was the one to introduce the breed to England).

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In the end, she was about 15-17 years old (I don't call exactly how old) and her kidneys were failing her because she would hold herself so long. Dogs really need a place they know they can "go" during the day, preferrably (of course) outside.

Oh, this is a good point. I will be gone from 10 am - 4 pm. 6 hours. What do you guys do about this when you go to work and your kids go to school?

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Mines little so, for times when we arent home, he has a papered area in the laundry thats got a lino floor so it can be cleaned easily in the chance there is a mishap.


Im usually home, though, so it isnt really a problem for us.


Do you have a balcony he can go poo poo on? Then again, i guess you dont want him peeing off the edge of a balcony. lol.

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I'd suggest getting a Kelpie (like my dog Scruff!), or failing that a Blue Heeler. That's an Australian sheepdog, and cattle dog, respectively. They're the two best dog breeds in the world, in my opinion. ^_^


Of course, I could be biased... :rolleyes:


Tommy. :lol:


PS: I'm willing to bet you can't get them in the 'States though. That's a crying shame. -_-

Not so My friend. My first dog was a Kelpie. I think they're pretty hard to find, because I haven't seen any since I was about 8.

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I had a couple of Austrailian Shepherds growing up- they were great dogs.

My grandparents had a Blue Heeler for many years- another great dog.

My parents currently have a Blue Heeler- he's just a puppy still, so we don't know if he's a great dog yet.

So, you can get Blue Heelers here in the USA. ^_^

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