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Action Shots! Let's see you painitng...

Stern Kestrelmann

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Skin looks unrealistic, and lacks definition. Need to make sure there is no dust on the model at the time of priming too. The fur needs some washes and maybe another drybrush or two.



Oh man, that got me rolling...


Ok, so this is the view my wife has while I'm painting. Pretty much anyone else who comes to Jester's Dungeon too... :lol:


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The mini in my hand is Loryn Stormblade...I'll post her when I'm done, it's turning out pretty wildstyle with tons of freehand and details...


Here's a photo of my workspace, sans me.




I had to post this, because I just set it up yesterday...I moved into this little alcove from the kitchen where I was painting. The lighting in the kitchen was the best in the house, until my overhead stopped funtioning on Monday. "I am not an electrician" or so the commercial says, so I moved into a new room with a new setup. It's twice as big as my old setup, and I just ordered a couple of OTT lights to bring in some more illumination to this dim room. Let there be light!!!!

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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! For the love of God, don't paint naked!!!


*rubs at eyes*


Otherwise... I guess it is nice to hear you are back in action... sorta...



Well he isn't naked from what I can see, at least he has pants on.


My eyes are burning though...


Well unless I can get my sister to venture into the weird place that is my Parent's basement no one will be seeing pictures of me painting anytime soon.

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LOL LOL LOL LOL! Oh man, the commentary is killing me! You guys are great fun!


Zap- I thought about another video, believe me...


Errex- I was laughing so hard reading your post I almost hurt myself!


Jester- So the legend about you painting two minis at once isn't true... Nice 12-pack of Code Red!


So far so good, now let's see some more action shots!




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