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Zombicide 2nd Ed. Walkers

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I got this set for Christmas, and was excited to paint them.  Then I started prepping and got less excited.  Even with the wax tool this was looking like hours and hours of extensive mold line work.  After a while, it started to look like another mound of grey.  At this point, we had enough play sessions under our belt to square up priorities: survivors will get cleaned up and painted as we get ambitious/inspired, as well as abominations.  Walkers, runners and bloaters, however….


Here’s the walkers:


I figured I’d use up some long since boxed materials: citadel primers in rattle cans and AP paints through the airbrush.  This was actually a good exercise in airbrushing, especially WRT aiming.  Airbrushing the rim was especially good practice.  I gave up on the AP stuff pretty quickly- even thinned 5:1 they would inevitably cause the brush to cough up a hairball.  I hit a few highlights on some with a brush afterwards, and then gave a flesh wash to the skin.  Oh, and some blood.  That’s it.  With prep, priming and painting, it was probably 3-4 hours, most of that was spent moving them back and forth.


Next up, runners!  They’ll get yellow rims.


note: they need washing - paint barely stuck without it.  Tossing in boiling water for 2min, however resulted in warped bases.  I’ll stick with soap and warm water next time.

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