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Elladan Swiftbrook - DHL 2543


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I painted this one up to match a character I was running in a D&D game. We were playing a 3rd ed conversion of the Night Below box set. My character had the legendary sword "FinnSlayer", so I decided to give the blade a green metallic color.


Front Side:


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Hmm...now I can really see where Klocke got his idea for the "Prince Almirith" sculpt...really similar.


I think the paintwork is really good, he would look better on a base of course. The yellow band on the edge of the cloak is sort of jarring, perhaps a lighter tint of green or even gold would have more harmony with the other greens of the garments. Otherwise, nice and clean.

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little red riding hood: mr. elf, what big eyes you have.

elf: the better to see in the underdark with.

wow that was so lame that i didnt even laugh.

(usually i am amused by my own jokes even when noone else is)


seriously, this elf has some EYE's




wow, that one was almost as bad. thats it i quit.


nice green -i too like the yellow band.

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