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Vampiress and her victim are 3D printed on my Elegoo Mars.

Design - Great Grimoire.

I put them in the Reaper Bones Crypt from the Dust KIng and Crypt set SKU: 77535


Part of my Children of the Night Project.

WIP here:






She's a Nobleman's daughter, hiding her true nature from everyone.

Daddy is worried about his little girl, she looks so pale lately and she doesn't leave her room all day, barely touches her food the maid brings her.


At night she puts on a costume so nobody will recognise her, it is then that she feels alive, driven by the hunger she seeks out her victims.

Will someone ever find out?











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8 hours ago, Rigel said:

Oh, there's a whole little campaign arc in that story!

Very well done.

Like you I like storytelling.


I think one could make a small campaign around it, will someone find out about her?

Can she be stopped?

Who turned her?

Is there a greater purpose behind it all?

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