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Advice for lip color and other skin areas

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Hi everyone, I'm painting some hill giants and I'm looking for some advice on lip color and male nipple color. I am using MSP tan skin paint plus shadow and highlight for the skin but have army painter for the rest of my paint. I have enclosed a close up pic of a sample figure but I'm not sure how to do lips and the nipple area. I should share that I have a slight color deficiency in my eyes (I can see colors just fine, but shades of red and brown can confuse me a bit) so really specific color recommendations are welcome if not preferred. Thanks in advance.


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Use your shadow color.  Maybe the faintest touch of a red mixed with it.   A bit of brown glaze, such as that used on the ear in the above pic would work on the chest as well. 


I suggest looking up some photos of male models for examples of how much contrast you want, and where to put highlights on the lip. 

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Thank you both for the help.

Both of those suggestions sound good and I have more than one model to try it on so I can try both. I knew I had done too much in the above figure but wasn't sure how to fix it. 


Edit: Note to self, do not look up shirtless male models on Google images while at work. NSFW 😉

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I use an Andrea paint (from skin paint set) that is a brown-reddish for caucasian deeper skin areas, lips, etc. It is like a Reaper 9071 Chestnut brown, with a bit more mahogany red in it.

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