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Stonehaven Cannon Dwarf, No Mustache


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We know that minis are art. Painting them, and sculpting them too. But THIS particular mini is art mirroring other art; I feel like the medieval German master stonecarver Adam Kraft was the inspiration for this. The fellow could turn rock into lacework in the Gothic style, and one of his most famous pieces includes a carven self-portrait supporting the ponderous structure above. 


That same sense of endurance under immense weight, and that same chin-beard, are evident in this laboring dwarf. 




I do love the detail of the cannonball pouch. 




No idea how heavy a cannon of that size would be, but at minimum I would say 'hella.' The trudging posture really sells it. 




The jezzail came from the Futuristic Weapons Reaper sprue, 50025. Those cogwheels fit pretty nicely in a fantasy Early Modern past. 






Hope you enjoy!

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Thanks, all! I'm on a bit of a Stonehaven jag now, so more characters coming. 

On 3/9/2023 at 7:20 AM, Poilu_1914 said:

Great stuff and I did look up Adam Kraft, first image that popped up was that self portrait. Definitely see the potential inspiration!

We need more mini terrain with that sort of Gothic filigree, in my opinion. Dude was a master of his, aha, craft.

On 3/9/2023 at 5:22 PM, Magic Lantern said:

Great character figure - the cannonball pouch reminds me of players at Wimbledon 🙂

 I wouldn't want to be in the audience for that match! 😄

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8 minutes ago, Rigel said:


We need more mini terrain with that sort of Gothic filigree, in my opinion. Dude was a master of his, aha, craft.


Try a Google Image search on Grinling Gibbons as well ( also "Chatsworth Violin Door" might interest you)

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