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anyone else have a base problem with


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Just curious if anyone else has had base problems with the new Dark Heaven Hill Troll (#2851)


it's nothing serious but the it look like the two halves of the mold shifted a bit during casting resulting in a reasonable edge on the bottom + a slight bulge to the base (when I put him on a flat surface, he rocks back & forth, the edge is high enough that I can drag my fingernail across & it catches)


nothing a few strong passes of a drum sander on the dremel won't take care of, but was curious if anyone has gotten one like this?? Funny thing is the mini itself is not even fazed by the base.



Also not related but any reason why the Gavin, warrior thief (2857) was split into 2 peices?? Was it cause of the the way the end result is with him (ie hard to get paint parts, scuplt etc) Just was curious, was sorta surprised to see him in a top & bottom half)




Randy M

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