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CAV: Tour of Duty

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Vanquisher- 0201


Starhawk V (1)- 0401


Starhawk V (2)- 0301


Katana- 0101




A uniformed man, bearing the insignia of a commanding officer, stood upon a hill, staring out at the fields. The peaceful grassland sprawling upon the horizon was disturbed by a strange cloud of dust, slowly rolling towards him. His face was that of one staring grimly at his enemy. Yet he felt proud and honored.


Another officer, one who's uniform bore the emblem of a lieutenant, walked up to him and saluted stiffly.


"Reports from ze spotters, Mein Herr! Enemy CAVs heading towards us. Four of them." said the lieutenant.


Marshall Commander Veinzig sighed, then turn to face the junior officer.


"Good, Lieutenant Dieter. Have you identified them?" the Commander asked.


"Ja, Mein Herr. Ve have only identified a few. They bear markings of ze mercenary group ve vere briefed on." Dieter said.


Veinzig turned back to face the dust cloud again, and nodded his head.


"Scramble the CAVs. Get ze pilots to zheir engines. I vill be there shortly." he said.


"Javolk, Herr Kommandant."

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Starhawk VI- 0815

Butcher - 0615

Assasin (1) - 1015

Assasin (2) - 0415




“Sir, we have four contacts in sector A. It’s them!” The young weapon officer informed his pilot through the radio.”


“Good work, Loki. Prepare to engage.” Ethan Corner answered then switched to the section frequency.


“This is Psy-Co to Gunslingers, prepare to engage the enemies.”


“Roger that skipper, Gun-2 assuming combat formation.” one of the pilot said as he maneuvered his Assassin a little away from the group.


“Copy that sir, Gun-3 doing the same. Hey Roach, watch my back!”


“Gun-4, ready and watching Quicky’s back.”

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