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Lucid Eye Ordering

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Anyone ordered from Lucid Eye?  While I don't need Hobgoblins in the same number I previously did thanks to Next Level having 5 in their set and the order from Tomb Guardians (regardless of the quality), I see that Lucid has a nice range of them.


Would like to know peeps experience though before I take the plunge if there is anyone whose ordered from them.

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All the time. Lucid eye is a little company which is pretty much cast to order, so unless they are having a sale on a set of minis that week, it will take a while. They also use ground post. It takes about a month for me to receive orders from them. The owner is a true gentleman; I frequently send requests with my order and he's happy to oblige. You will have to clean up the castings, there are quite a bit of flash on them sometimes.  They do however, frequently mess up my order. I got probably $50 worth of free product in november, but there have been times that they have to send something out that is missing. My orders are also massive. I highly recommend ordering from them, but make sure you do an inventory when the parcel arrives and contact them if you have problems. 


I've painted a number of their sculpts, you can see them on my Sandgrave topic. Some of them are also posted on Lucid Eye's Facebook page. 

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